Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. The Presidio Collection is one of those things- created on a whim by an innovator with nonstop ideas and motivation to act on them.

If you aren’t from the Bay Area, you might wonder what the Presidio even is. The Presidio is a National Park in San Francisco, California just off the Golden Gate Bridge. Much like the rest of stunning San Francisco, it’s known for breathtaking views, delicious food, unique shops and miles of hiking trails.

The Presidio was originally claimed by the Spanish in the 1800s as one of their forts. Once the U.S. Army took over, the grounds were transformed into dunes to be used as a military post. The area became a National Historic Landmark in 1962.

When Origaudio’s CEO was traveling abroad planning our new 2018 product line, he found himself staring out the window on a 4-hour train ride. When the idea of a travel accessory collection popped into his head, he spent the rest of the train ride scribbling sketches and ideas. He took it straight to a manufacturer and brought it to life. He brought real-life samples back home a few days later and thus, the Presidio Collection was born!

The Collection is inspired by the romantic and rustic style of the Golden Gate and its surrounding scene. We’re excited the Presidio Collection launched this year and we know you will love it as much as we do!

Watch the video below to hear from the founder himself, Jason Lucash.