The holiday season is quickly approaching. We know it’s only July, but now is the time to get your customer’s wheels turning about rad holiday gift ideas! They’re going to ask you what’s new, unique and fun this year. Fear not, because we promise the Hive portable surround sound Bluetooth speaker will blow their snowflake-themed socks off.

The Hive is a true wireless 5-watt Bluetooth speaker with a unique capability – it can connect to up to 100 other Hives for the ultimate surround sound experience. Each Hive comes with a wall mount kit so you can mount the Hives around your home or office. So. Dang. Cool.

Why would the Hive make an awesome holiday gift?

  1. If everyone in the office gets a Hive, the team can connect their speakers together and all listen to the same jams! The Origaudio team in Northern California loves doing this. It creates a sense of inclusivity when one person chooses the music and everyone else can get involved. Warning: serious office dance parties may ensue.
  2.  The Hive would be an awesome end of the year award! If someone wins one Hive, they’d have the incentive to win more since you can pair them together. For example, an employee wins a Hive for every new client they secure. Eventually, they’ll have multiple Hives to pair together at home! Use the Hives to create a super fun gift program.
  3.  A gift should always be an experience… beginning with the packaging! The Hive comes in beautiful black tone-on-tone packaging with subtle details and golden letters. The packaging allows for a high perceived value of the product and greater excitement throughout the opening experience.

What’s more?! The more Hives you buy, the lower your cost per unit. Throw an awesome full-color imprint on the front grill and prepare to dazzle your employees and clients alike.

Questions? Other awesome ideas? Comment below!