That new new! We just rolled out 7 new bundles. Yes, 7! 

If you’re not familiar with our awesome bundles here at Origaudio, they’re a one-piece minimum (always!) and are sold at a variety of different price points, each with a unique product offering. The products we pick in the bundles are normally heavily discounted, and they come packaged inside the backpack. See what I’m talking about here.

Bundles are more than just a promotional item- they are an experience! It’s exciting to unpack the bag and see awesome customized tech items. Like unpacking a Christmas stocking… but branded! They also make co-branding easy, as we don’t charge set up fees for different artwork on every item in the bundle.

Here’s some inspiration for your next bundle pitch:

  • Personalize the backpack with a name, then put logos on the accessories inside
  • Put different logos and artwork for the same company on each item, to break the monotony and have some fun!
  • Gift bundles to new employees so they’re swagged out first day on the job
  • Need a giveaway gift that honors a TON of different sponsors? Easy. Put the event name on the bag, and each sponsor on a different tech item inside.
  • Heading into a big meeting, and need the perfect leave-behind? Slide some business cards in the bundle and gift it for the whole office! We know they’ll never forget you after that.

If reading isn’t your thing (it isn’t ours either) then please enjoy a quick video on WHY bundles will rock your socks: