“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

We are constantly amazed at this industry’s ability to come together in a time of need or spring at the opportunity to help someone out. Whether it be as simple as a recommendation for an order, or as impactful as rush shipping products to victims of a natural disaster- we look for ways to help!

The promotional products industry as a whole has the incredible advantage of working with thousands of different companies across the nation. We can all identify different needs and contribute in unique and helpful ways. While getting caught up in the day-to-day is tempting, what a reward giving back can be.

This article isn’t about something groundbreaking we’ve done to change the world, but rather a simple reminder that continuous small acts lead to a BIG change.

Our amazing graphics and product designer, Anh, suggested one day we do a spring clean out and donate to a homeless shelter (thanks for the initiative, Anh). Everyone agreed to bring in some items they had lying around, and we took it to Davis Street Family Resource Center. Here, the items will be given to low-income families in need. 

It just so happens our Southern California office had loaded up some pallets full of backpacks to donate to a youth center in their community on the very same day. The packs were taken to Orangewood Foundation: Foster and Community Youth Services in Santa Ana to be used for their back-to-school program. They were extremely grateful to receive the bags.

We hadn’t discussed our donations, but we love the coincidence of it happening on the same day. Little acts like these throughout the year add up, and we encourage all of our supplier and distributor pals to do the same! 

Ways to implement giving year round:

  1. Schedule a quarterly clean out and deliver the items to a local homeless shelter
  2. Volunteer at a non-profit as a team outing
  3. Donate extra product samples to school programs or kids in need

Together we can keep making awesome happen through thoughtful acts in our community. Want to collaborate on a project? Have an awesome way your company gives back? Comment below or shoot me an email at brookelynn@origaudio.com.