If you know Jason Lucash, the CEO of Origaudio, you know that he sure can tell a story. Listen to SwagSam’s podcast to find out just how a creative twist to “Beats by Dre” headphones made Lucash thousands of dollars… and created a local Beet shortage (Yes, seriously. Read this)

Jason Lucash SwagSam Podcast

Listen to the podcast here: https://whatupsiliconvalley.com/hero14/

Time Stamp:

00:32: Jason’s first appearance on Shark Tank

02:00: The launch of OrigAudio

03:00: OrigAudio’s original products

05:01: Spoofing one of the most known products in music

08:00: The growth of OrigAudio

10:02: Transitioning out of retail and taking the Rock It out of Bed, Bath & Beyond

12:58: OrigAudio going into promo

14:47: Jason can’t stay away from the promotional industry

16:24: Creating custom designs for different clients

17:30: Getting inspiration from retail to create promo that sticks

19:28: The relaunch of OrigAudio.com

20:15: Creating a retail brand while being a promotional product company

22:00: Taking one piece minimums into success

23:00: Making awesome OrigAudio employees

24:45: The importance of company culture

26:00: A day in the life of Jason Lucash

27:15: What’s in store for OrigAudio?

30:48: There’s no meditating for Jason

34:00: Evolving from old-school distributors into high-quality products

About Jason Lucash:

Since the Fourth Grade with his street-side wheelable candy shop, Jason Lucash has been flexing his entrepreneurial muscles. Born and raised in Danville, California and an alumni of University of California, Davis, Lucash is a California native with the hustle of a successful innovator and entrepreneur. Lucash gained early marketing and promotions experience at JanSport, and later, Major League Soccer (where he met his current business partner, Michael Szymczak). In 2009 Lucash started his company, Origaudio, and has since been fostering it’s incredible growth. In his spare time (though slim these days) he still loves to travel the world and gain inspiration from his adventures. Lucash resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, their adorable Golden Retriever mix, and as of late April, a baby girl.