Every January, the promotional products industry gathers in Las Vegas for the biggest expo of the year. This year was incredibly exciting for us — our booth was constantly packed and people couldn’t wait to tell their clients about our new line. We are extremely grateful to all those who dropped by to say hello and spread the Origaudio love! In case you missed it or would like a recap, check out some of the hottest products at PPAI.

Our friends at Promo Hunt also featured some of our buzz-worthy products on their site! Check it out HERE!

1. Cut-and-Sew Backpacks

Completely custom, dyed, cut, and sewn in California in 3-5 days?! No wonder people’s jaws dropped when they saw the Parkside and Oaklander backpacks. These unique packs, which lined the back fence of our booth, were a huge hit and could be seen from booths away! With full color imprint in 2-4 locations, the Parkside and Oaklander are perfect for making brands, logos, and designs really stand out.


2. OctoForce Wireless Power Bank

Like our popular Tenfour, but wireless charging enabled! People couldn’t get their hands off the OctoForce 8000mAh portable power bank (literally). Charged up for demos, the OctoForce made a lasting impression on those who have wireless-charging phones as well as those who use charging cables.

3. Budsies Bluetooth Earbuds

Quality sound, great imprint space on the earbud itself, and low price point, the Budsies Earbuds made a…sound impression. Connected by a single cable, these buds won’t lose each other, are ideal for a light workout, and make for the perfect giveaway item.

4. Flyington Selfie Drone

“This is awesome” was the popular response to the Flyington Selfie Drone. We used a Videometry to show the video we took with the Flyington during PPAI setup and people were ecstatic! Controlled through an app on your phone, the Flyington is equipped with easy-to-fly features such as gravity tilt sense control, altitude hover, and one-key auto land.

5. Onyt App-Enabled Smart Button

This app-enabled smart button may be little, but it created a large buzz. People loved learning how easy it is to program tasks for each of the Onyt click options through an app on your phone. Tasks range from sending out your location, to changing your music, to calling an Uber, and more! *Click.* *Applause.*


The team in front of our booth on Day 2!

Our awesome booth setup