It is officially summer, and you know what that means: road trip season! Who doesn’t love a summer road trip? We sure do, and whether you or your clients are embarking on a much-deserved trip to the beach, the mountains, or to one of our beautiful national parks, we want to assure that you are prepared with all of the right essentials for your summer road trip needs.

You have procured the perfect playlist, filled up your tank and located all of your important belongings. You are almost ready to go. Here are a few of our favorite picks to check off your packing list before you hit the road.

  1. AutoPop Car Charger

Some of you may be kicking it old school and using a paper map for directions (and if so, major kudos to you) but for the majority of us our phones will be our right-hand man, so it is imperative to keep it juiced up for the drive. Google Maps, Waze, and music apps are going to be major battery drainers, so the AutoPop Car Charger is a MUST HAVE. It is built compact, small and slim so that it doesn’t take up too much space, and with 2.1 amp output, it charges twice as fast as other car chargers out there. In addition, it has an LED light up imprint space for amazing brand exposure and comes with 2 USB ports so front seat passengers can get in on the charging action too.

AutoPop Car Charger, Origaudio

  1. Octoforce 2.0 Wireless Power Bank

Traveling with a crew of friends? The more the merrier, and that’s our motto when it comes to charging too. Power banks will make sure your friends in the back seat can stay just as charged throughout the ride. As far as power banks go, Origaudio has oodles of prime options, but one of our favorites is the Octoforce 2.0. This innovative power bank has 8,000 mAH; meaning it has enough power to charge and recharge your phone up to 4 times; and can charge up to 3 devices at once (one wireless, one via USB and one via USB-C port). Additionally, it includes a large digital dome imprint area that allows smooth devices to stick to it, coming in handy on bumpy terrain during the drive.

Octoforce 2.0 Car Charger, Origaudio

  1. Car Air Purifier

As awesome as road trips may be, being on the road for a day (or a few days) can leave your car smelling a little…ripe.  Bacteria and dust tend to creep into the space too. The Car Air Purifier from Beacon is the perfect quick fix. It is tiny in size but mighty in its ability:  it kills bacteria, removes stale smoke odors, and eliminates those road trip fumes so there are no unnecessary distractions from the road.

  1. Auto Litter Bag

Hot Cheetos are our road trip snack of choice, but whatever yours may be, you are going to want somewhere to throw-out the trash without taking up too much space in the vehicle. That is where the Auto Litter Bag from Debco comes in handy. Attach the straps of this portable trash bag around your headrest and save yourself some cleanup time down the road.

Auto Litter Bag, Debco

  1. Mount-A-Bout Smartphone Holder

Phone mounts are ideal for seamless navigation on any road trip, but they are not always user friendly and often don’t allow for ideal positioning. Origaudio’s Mount-A-Bout Smartphone Holder cures this frustration by including an intuitive design with a 360-degree swivel ball and socket joint, so you can position your phone to the angle that is most convenient for you. Securely attaching to your vehicles air vents, the Mount-A-Bout allows you to navigate with ease.

Mount-A-Bout, Origaudio

  1. COB Key Light

As much as you might try to avoid them, bathroom breaks are inevitable on road trips. A key light will be of huge assistance during those necessary stops when unlocking your doors after dark at gas stations and pit stops. Beacon’s COB Key Light is meant to help out in those situations: it provides a bright light to attach to your car keys keeping you a little safer.

  1. The Tahoe Weekender

Packing can often seem like the most challenging aspect of road trip prep, especially when you have multiple bags to fit into a limited trunk space. Here’s a tip to pack within your available space : Bring the Tahoe Weekender Pack. The Tahoe Weekender Pack is our go-to weekend road trip bag, with 18 pockets, (no, that was not a typo, there are actually 18 pockets!) mesh dividers in the main compartment to keep you organized, and even a separate waterproof compartment at the bottom for your dirty shoes or laundry.

Tahoe Weekender Pack, Origaudio

  1. Lloyd Hat

Don’t be a road trip noob and leave without a solid, reliable hat. Origaudio’s Lloyd Hat comes with a comfortable fit, customized genuine leather patch, water resistant coating and will keep you looking fly on the fly. Block out those summer rays, protect your precious corneas and look stylish while en route.

Lloyd Hat, Origaudio

Leave a comment and let us know what road trips and adventures you or your clients are setting out on this summer and which promotional products you like to accompany you!