Origaudio Production Merger FAQ’s

We are not expecting any disruptions to business as usual throughout the production merger with Handstands in Salt Lake City, Utah. But if you have any questions, here’s a good place to look for answers. We’ll update this page as new questions arise and always feel free to reach out to your Account Manager anytime.


Anticipated FAQ’s

Will there be any other plant consolidations?
No, this was a unique situation within the group driven by uncertainty in near-term demand, caused by COVID-19, and the opportunity to make significant improvements in capacity and delivery times.


Where do I send my POs now?
To the same address and/or person as before.


Who is my new account manager?
The same as before – no changes have been made to the account management team.


What are the new production times?
No new production times, everything is the same as before.


Are the art templates changing?
No, we will utilize the same templates as before.


Is pricing changing?


How long will virtual proofs take now?
Same lightning-fast turnaround as before.


Can I place a Handstands + Origaudio order together on one PO?


New phone numbers?
No, customers may continue to use the same contact numbers for the foreseeable future.


New SKUs?
No, product identification will stay the same for all of our customers. We may update these in the future but old SKU numbers will still work for the foreseeable future.


Sales tax/resale cert changes?
Not at this time and when/if the need arises, we will reach out to customers directly.


Will my Sales Rep change?
No, all Sales Reps will remain the same.


Will the ASI/PPAI/SAGE numbers merge?
Not as part of this transition.  However, in the coming months, all HPG entities will combine into one number.


Updated billing address?
Yes, the new billing address will be: 1770 S 5350 W Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84104


Updated shipping weights/carton sizes?
No, weights and carton sizes remain status-quo.


Will our terms change? (EQP, rebates, payment terms)
No, customer contract terms will remain the same.


If you have any other questions at all, please contact us anytime.